Lead a purpose driven life

Over the years, my parents have taught me and my siblings a thing or two about life. I’m sure some of the teaching registered in my mind and became sticky while other things just wash down the drain. One thing that became super sticky and my mom does preach about it a lot was: “lead a purpose driven life”, especially when she scolds me by wanting me to fully realizes my talent or potential yet I struggle to recognize or fully execute it. I am not too certain what my mom really wanted out of me when she said: “lead a purpose driven life”. However, my version of “lead a purpose driven life” is best comes in the form of philanthropy.

Orphan center – Cambodia (2011)

I’ve been practicing philanthropy, act of kindness, pay it forward, giving back to the community sporadically over the years. I even organized community fund raising effort, put together volunteer committees and created volunteer schedule and activities in the many work places I’ve worked at. I sometimes sat on as co-chair member of refugee relief board, or be an an engaging member of various local non profit groups.

Arts & Craft shop by disable artisans – Hoi An, Vietnam (2011)

I don’t use the word “charity” or “donation” because it is I, on the receiving end when I am able to practice the act of giving back through philanthropic work. I am passionate to share “my modest abundance” with those in need and always grateful to know that I’ve been well blessed by God’s grace. It is always a privilege to serve him by serving his people and it doesn’t always have to be monetary donation. In kind donations are also awesome donation in my opinion.

Training center for the disable – Hoi An, Vietnam (2011)

As this is a travel’s blog, then the focus will be on my traveling experiences around the world. But what’s a better way to combine my love of travel and the compassion I have for the underprivileged than “Travelanthropy”. Below you will find some of my volunteer experiences abroad during my most recent international trips. I often try to work with the local non profit or contribute at the in country destination to encourage full benefit to the organization(s). I personally think the grass root level effort is more efficient than paying the high salary toward top executives at known organizations.

Floating Catholic church @ Tonle Sap, Cambodia (2011)

For those that are at home or armchair traveler yet big on compassion with generous heart, I invite you to be my Travelanthropy travel partner. In past year, such activities have been done at the private level or family and friends’ circle. I am now expanding my fund-raising effort by including all kind hearts. You can make a donation to a specific organization that I will be visiting or working with during my travel. I am basically the messenger to relay your donation to such organization. All traveling expenses are paid by me. Therefore, all  your donation will be forward to the organization at 100% contribution

Thank you – namaste and God bless you for your kind heart,


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