Welcome to Aisa’s recipes box, lol.

I guess I’ve made “NO secret” that I enjoy and appreciate good food. Thus, it’s only natural that I will play around with recipes or put my spin on an existing recipe to create the Aisa’s flair.

Yes, at times I will go as far as reverse engineer a dish that’s new to me and once I achieve perfection for the recipe, I will add that to my routine food/recipe repertoire. Each of the dish/entree found here have been personally prepared, cook by me and usually from scratch, whenever permit.

I also decorate, plated and capture all the food’s photos by myself. I strongly believe that we eat not only with our sensory and taste bud alone but also with our eyes as well. Therefore, whenever possible, I will invest the time to plate my food in a way that’s appealing to me and fellow dinners so that our culinary experience can be enhance many folds.

Check out what “I eat and how I ate it” around the world. Check out my recipes box for instruction should a dish/recipe pique your interest.

Cheers & good eat!