Welcome to Aisa’s gastronomy page!

I guess I’ve made “NO secret” that I enjoy and appreciate good foods; be it a fine dinning experience or getting my street food junk fix while traveling?

The Chinese have a proverb that said something in the line of “the shortest route to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. No doubt, men or women would be happy campers if delightful foods are served and a good time awaiting through the enjoyment of those delicious tidbits and morsels.

I am not trying to win a man’s heart so I don’t need to map out the shortest route to it. However, I personally think food, cuisine or gastronomy is a perfect reflection of a destination’s culture and its people. When traveling, I preferred to snack from street side stalls simply for the fact that not only it’s fun, delicious, inexpensive yet still authentic. I wanted to immerse and get as close to the local flavor as possible so I would eat where the local eat. Street side EATing remains authentic while fine dinning is subject to fusion to better accommodate tourists palette, based on most of my experience.

On the other hand, I loved eating local food and explore new ingredients and cooking technique around the world. I felt that I always get great ROI (return of investment) to expand my recipe repertoire when I come back home in the States.

Check out what “I eat and how I ate” it around the world through my gastronomy page.

I also broke it down to 3 categories:  Street Food Junkies, Recipes or Restaurants Review.

I hoped that my sharing of the food I consume during my travel would encourage you to try, explore and have fun with the country and its culture through its cuisine.

Cheers & good eat!



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