About Aisa

Aisa (pronounce I-sia) is my pseudonym when I first joined the online community by participating in forums many moons ago. I choose to write anonymously because I preferred to remain anon and also for privacy reason. This website had a humble beginning as an online travel journal as a keep in touch as I share my trips with family and friends. I loved to travel, wine and dine but I’m not doing that on a trust fund. I am just your average worker bee who maybe a neighboring cubicle dweller. Instead of staying at home and be resentful about  “I can’t or wondering about what if”, I choose to see the world with whatever budget I can afford at the time of my get-away, typically a shoestring/budget one.

Hundred years, old tree in Angkor Wat complex in Cambodia

If you preferred and able to travel in style on a Champagne budget, more power to you! For those of us that’s on a beer budget, it is still possible to widen our horizon and see the world through independent, budget traveling. You will not find me sharing tips about flying for free, entirely based on air miles or hitching ride on some remote island. I am not by any mean an adventurous traveler nor a true backpacker.

My traveling style is a little bit of slow travel coup with a love of eating and the open mind to check out the local attractions; even if it meant visiting a stuffy museum with sculptures of death people; or the natural wonder of the world. I am also NOT a travel journalist nor a photographer by trade so my story telling can be full of grammar errors or the pictures can be lousy at times. However, I will try my best to share with you the do  and forewarn you about the don’t of the places that I’ve been to. Most are trials and errors but I hoped my tips will be of benefits to you.

Lastly, I hoped that my budget yet real world independent traveling examples and the relative costs that I shared with you will turn your dream of travel the world into reality. On the other hand, if you are not ready to unleash the travel bug yet, I invite you to live vicariously through my traveling experience by signing up for my email update or return and visit this site often.

Happy globe-trotting,

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