Airline Food Review: ANA (Air Nippon), Narita – San Jose, CA route

Day 72,  Asia, January – March, 2015
Japan Day  6, Enroute to San Jose, CA from Narita, Japan

Ah….Japan, the land of the rising sun. A week in Japan is not enough and we vouch to return again in the future as we liked everything about Japan (it’s nice, polite people, awesome food, great shrines and Japanese landscape, clean country and super efficient transportation system).

Although sad but we must say saynonara to Japan to return to home to the US. Again, we’re flying out from Narita airport via ANA. Let’s see what this Narita-San Jose, CA leg airline food will unfold for this 9/10 hour direct trip. I’ve been hooked on flying ANA because I live in San Jose, California (aka Silicon Valley/South Bay for those of you that don’t know where is San Jose. We’re also under 1 hour of driving south of San Francisco) and ANA does fly out of San Jose to Japan. This made this very convenient for us whenever we wanted to fly to Asia. It takes us only 9/10 hours direct from Japan and our bottoms approved this numbers of flying time. Although San Jose is an international airport, it doesn’t have yet the numbers of pass through passengers like San Francisco airport. And it’s right in down town and takes us like 10 minutes to get home after a breeze through custom/immigration.

It is a San Jose bound, morning arrival flight so we’re offered breakfast options.

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA route meal 1
1 of our meal (Japanese) which includes a main entree and bento box + a bowl of steaming hot miso soup, bottled water and hot beverage of choice.
ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 3
Main entree: a rice dish, with a teriyaki like chicken, mushroom and shaved eggs topping along with various un-identified Julienne roots toppings.

I couldn’t tell exactly what were the Julienne roots except carrot, young ginger (pink) but it tasted really homey and good.

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 8

Up close view of the soba noodle

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 9
Up close view of the various topping & sauce for the soba noodle entree.

I love this. ANA gave us real silverware – not plastic utensils. I normally don’t mind it at all if it’s a take out box but giving us real silverware made it such a personal touch. Most of all, I was just flying economy class – not first class mind you.

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 4
Real silverware
ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 5
And of course, what’s a Japanese meal without a bowl of steaming hot miso soup.
ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 6
The other entree from the bento box: cold tofu with a scallion/cucumber topping/dressing. A vermicelli noodle with ear mushroom entree.

Here’s my companion meal, the pasta option (Western/American, I guess) although traditionally, American do not eat pasta for breakfast.

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 11
The pasta/Western meal

I guess this is a Japanized version of Western food.

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 14
Pasta with a type of red sauce and a soft poach egg on top.

Yeah, the soft boiled egg is definitely a Japanese thing unless you’re having egg Benedict which I don’t see the muffins nor the Hollandaise sauce. I should know because it is one of my favorite American breakfast meal.

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 13
The pasta/Western meal came with a yogurt and fresh fruits

And of course, regardless of our meal choice, be it traditional Japanese or Western, we finished the meal on a high note with a great dessert – Haagen Dazs ice cream. It would have been a perfect ending if they let it melt a little bit before serving the ice cream to us. The ice cream were rock hard so I couldn’t chow on it right away. I had to wait for over 10 minutes to let it soften a bit before I can dig into it.

ANA  Narita_San Jose, CA US route meal 10
Haagen Dazs ice cream for dessert

Overall, I liked every meal I had dined on ANA so far. However, I’m a little afraid that I might run into the same meal if I kept flying the same route. Oh….such a dilemma for frequent traveler 🙂




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