Airline Food Review: ANA (Air Nippon), Yangon – Narita route

Day 65,  Asia, January – March, 2015
Day 1, Enroute to Narita airport, Japan from Yangon, Myanmar aka Burma.

When it comes to traveling the world, I typically identify myself as a backpacker due to my humble travel budget. I wanted to travel as long as my money could last, and to many destinations as much as my money allowed me. And to make it work for my humble budget, I often stay in hostel by choice, especially as a female solo travel (because it’s fun, the chance to meet other like mind folks who love to travel around the globe, access to kitchen almost all the time and many more reasons). I also eat street food very often because not only it’s cheaper than sit down restaurant but it also felt the most authentic experience to me. Hey, a pizza is a pizza whether it’s in Thailand or the US or Italy. It may differ slightly because of a twist with local ingredients but the basic components are really dough, pizza sauce and plenty of cheese.

For multi-country trip, especially to Asia, I often splurge a little because of the distance and time sitting on the plane. My preferred Asian carrier, in no specific order are: ANA (air Nippon), Korean Air, and maybe Cathay Pacific (I only flew them once on a short trip from Hong Kong to Vietnam, ) simply because their service are top notch.  These carriers are very attentive and they pay attention to the itty bitty details like folding your toilet paper in the washroom, constantly clean the bathroom, nicely scented designer hand lotion.

On top of that, they always serve tasty meal with great presentation vs. our American carriers. I typically book my multi-country, open ended ticket with a carrier like ANA, then use low cost carriers like Airasia, Tiger Air, JetAir to hop from one country to another in the region. For our Yangon to Japan trip this past 2015, ANA started out with a snack pouch as it was still in the afternoon when we left Yangon.

ANA Yangon-Narita route snack sack 1
ANA Yangon-Narita route snack sack 1

ANA Yangon-Narita route snack sack , and a bottle of water

ANA Yangon-Narita route snack sack , and a bottle of water

As you can see the level of attentive details with the snack pouch which includes: A bottle of water, a muffin, a bag of chip and an individual size wet towel. If you travel in Asia, you know how dusty they can get so the wet towel is a great refresher after being in the scorching heat of the tropic. The glass contains a special lemonade from a special region in Japan (the name slip my mind at the moment) but it’s a special item on their drink menu. It was a great alternative to soda pop or those juice from the boxes the airline typically serve. It was not too sweet and a great way to hydrate yourself up when up on the sky.

ANA Yangon-Narita route snack pouch up close
ANA Yangon-Narita route snack pouch up close

For our Yangon to Japan trip, it was an overnight trip from Yangon scheduled for 7 am morning arrival in Narita, Japan. Therefore, our main meal was a breakfast meal.

ANA Yangon-Narita route meal 1
ANA Yangon-Narita route meal consisted of rice porridge, bento box of other entrees, a box of strawberry milk or juice. I drink neither so I can’t remember what it was.

I can’t remember what other options were available but we choose a lighter option (rice porridge) as we would arrived in Japan in the early AM and wanted to save our appetite for local fare instead.

ANA Yangon-Narita route meal 2
ANA Yangon-Narita route meal. The bento portion contain well balance of mixed sea food, cold soba noodle, fresh fruits.

OMG. The mixed braised sea food entree was so good. I think it has 1 large prawn (I’m almost certain it was the tiget size) that when bite into, it has a crunchy, juicy texture and it doesn’t smell at fishy at all. Talking about freshness at Japanese quality. The other 2 pieces were salmon and egg (I think since it’s about a year ago when I took this picture). I think they were praised in a light soy sauce type so it’s really light yet seasoned well and let the flavor of the sea food shined through. I didn’t mind the soba noodle entree because it’s a healthy option and just filling enough along with the porridge box. Otherwise, I would be famish when I landed in Japan.

The rice porridge box
The rice porridge box have various toppings.

Of course, there’s the usual Japanese hot green tea, coffee. As with most of our ANA rides, unlimited wine were served. I’m only a social drinker so I never take advantage of the option. However, my companion had 1 drink with the meal.

Overall, this ANA airline meal tasted very good and tasty just like the average Japanese restaurant meal when I dine at home in the US. It’s not too heavy nor too light. The portions are just enough to ties me over until I arrive in Narita in the morning.


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