This is an extremely quick meal, 30 minutes do-able.  Below is a baked in the oven version but you can prepare the fish (any kind of white fish) you like (poach, grill, bake, steam, etc…)
dscn8020Steamed brocolini then toss in a soy based sauce with garlic.


Sprinkle fish with a bit of salt, then prepare in your preferred style (bake or grill).

Curry sauce:

  1. 2 table-spoon of Thai red curry paste (more or less depending spicy/heat level)
  2. 6 oz or more of coconut milk (more or less depending  creamy/fat preference)
  3. Combine curry paste and coconut milk into pan on very low heat (to prevent coconut oil turning rancid or into coconut oil instead, lol).
  4. When sauce start to bubble, it’s cooked. Season with salt, sugar to taste.
  5. Stir sauce over fish. Sprinkle with Juliane Thai Kaffir lime leaves

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