Post card from the road: Son Tra peninsular coastal drive on scooter

Day 4, South East Asia, March – May 2013
Day 4, Da Nang, Vietnam

Son Tra coastal/peninsular


Join me for a partial view as I went for a spin on the scooter after our breakfast along the coastal of Son Tran mountain in Da Nang city. This is a fairly long coastal drive on the scooter (by Vietnam standard) as it passed by Linh Ung pagoda, a few beach resorts and other sight-seeing spot. I was more interested in the solitude view of the coastal drive than any man-made sights. It felt pretty exhilarating as the wind brush against my hair, the cool breeze and the unspoiled view as I descent from the mountain.

Best doing it for un-framed view from a scooter vs. a car/taxi .




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