Street Food of Thailand: Roti, Thai style: banana roti aka Roti Gluay โรตีกล้วย

Day 55, South East Asia, March – May 2013
Day 1, Bangkok, Thailand

It’s been a while since I had authentic Thai food. Although there are many Thai inspired dishes prepared in Vietnam, I personally think it’s only in name and resemble nothing like the Thai food I knew from the States or possibly Thailand. In fairness, I haven’t been to a genuine Thai owned and operated Thai restaurant in Vietnam the last 2 months so my experience are limited to Vietnamese operate restaurant that have Thai dish on the menu.

Roti dough


I spent time shuffling from one family home to the next during my stay in Vietnam so my cuisine delight are restricted to whatever the host family kindly offered for the day/week/month. I’ve been yearning for spicy, sour and savory Thai dish for weeks so here is my “foodie make-up” during our first night here in Bangkok by Patpong night bazaar.

Roti filled with topping(s) of choice. We choose banana for tonight


The vendor gently fold and shaped the roti into a square shape. After it’s done cooking (fried here, but typically grill with margarine/butter). He then cut it into bite size squares. Then drizzle with condense milk.

Banana roti Thai style

Oh my heaven. After 1 pineapple smoothie, 1 bowl of noodle soup, 1  chicken satay, and plenty of walk checking out the knock off stuff on offer at the night market, this banana roti was just the perfect sweet touch after all those savory food.

Of course, then we came back to more savory food after this sweet crispy delight. And that’s what’s all traveling and street food junkies is all about. Indulge and delight your culinary desires.

Readers: have you try the Thai roti? What was your filling (topping)? Where did you eat this “best” roti at? Address/location? Do share.



  1. Hi, how’s it going with you? I like the roti at Banana Leaf here. Just plain & deep with curry sauce. It serves as an appetizer there. I tend to have a difficulty stopping eating it every time I dine there, but have to remind myself to save room for the main course. :~) Haven’t try roti at any other place so I don’t have an answer for you though. 🙂


    • Sawadee, from the northern city of Thailand- Chiang Mai chi V.

      Yes, the savory roti at Banana Leaf here in Milpitas is one of my favorite dish/restaurant too. However, my most recent visit I found the curry dipping changed to a more Indian/Masamean style instead of the Penang/Malaysian dip I was first introduce to this dish.
      Anyhow, believe me, when I say the roti in Thailand is good, you just have to trust my word for it. And it’s available for every where. The sky’s the limit when it comes to filling/topping.
      However, I only like the banana roti (without condense milk or sugar, etc…) because I want to limit my sugar in take but still enjoy the roti.

      Maybe I’ll try to replicate when I get home, eh? And that’s the beauty of globetrotting, where you get to sample all the cuisine and recreate it whenever the taste bud arise!


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