Singapore Flyer

Day 28, South East Asia, March – May 2013
Day 1, Singapore city, Singapore

A giant observation/Ferris wheel which claimed to be as high as 42 stories and a total height of 165 m (541 ft). Thus, making it the tallest ferris wheel in the world (source) at the moment.  If you’ve never ride a Ferris wheel in your entire life, then go ahead and spend the $33.00 SGD (adult) or equivalent $26.67 USD to experience it for once.


Given that the wheel is supposed to give you a panoramic view of the city and beyond, I supposed you can shed the cash to ride it for a special occasion or make it part of a romantic date in Singapore.DSCN7035

For those that’s from the USA like myself, we see at-least one Ferris Wheel at every county fair, circuit, etc…back home so this is the norm for us. Save your $26 and some changes of USD for the food at the hawker center (Food Trail) right below the Ferris wheel.


Or if you have a Champagne budget, opt for some of the water front dinning options.


Or take an evening stroll after your dinner along the promenade. You can see Singapore’s night skylights and  looking at other attractions across the water front. Surprisingly, the promenade were pretty quiet and had very few people during my visit while just steps away, the hawker center are filled with people to the brim.

Could have pack a picnic and have dinner by the lawn here at the promenade.


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