Malaysia’s Tallest Free Standing Flagpole in Kuala Lumpur

Day 23, South East Asia, March – May 2013
Day 3, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Standing at the south of the Merdeka Square (aka Independence square), this flagpole was once the tallest free standing flagpole in the world before being overtaken by North Korea in 1980.


View from the left of the lush green lawn of the flagpole




  1. Hi, thanks for the photos & write up. How are you? Where are you? What have you been doing? Thinking of you. Stay safe & in touch, my dear. Hugs… Chi. Van


    • Apologies. Been lagging on my blog updates but I thought the pix from private email should ties you over until the new blog entry 🙂

      I’m now back in Da Nang, Vietnam, after 1 week in Saigon. It’s been extremely hot in VN. I don’t have much time left in VN and been on the move.


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