Street Food of Nicaragua: Yuca Frita aka fried cassava/yuca chips

Day 48, Central America trip, Dec 2012 – Feb 2013
Day 4, León, Nicaragua

Today is Sunday and with Nicaragua being another predominantly Catholic country in the region of Central America, most hospitality service places are closed. I was feeling rather tired from the tropical heat in city of León that the idea of making my own dinner seems discouraging. I walked around town on streets nearby the hostel I was staying at, trying to find something to eat, was such a chore on a Sunday. In Nicaragua and most of Central American countries, street vendors like this are dime a dozen, especially the fried chips (plantain bananas is very common).

OMG, this street vendor saved my hungry tummy on a Sunday.Yuca fritta chips

Having been in the region for almost 8 weeks, I’ve only eaten the fried plantain banana chips a few times out of sheer desperation and not because I enjoyed it. The plantain banana used as chips here in Central America is green (therefore, it’s not ripe yet and has no taste of sweetness or very bland, in my opinion). The Nicaraguan street vendors or even restaurants use it as a substitution to French fries, unlike in Guatemala, they often used actual potato for French fries. Since everything in sigh are closed. I opted to purchase 1 bag of chip from this lady to cushion my hunger while I continue to hunt for some more real food. I picked a bag that looks white and slightly different in texture without thinking much of it.

 One thin slice of this white chip, and OMG.Yuca Fritta, fried casava chip

Eating it the Nicaraguan style would have been like this: 1 bag of chip, some pickled cabbage salad, and a dash of hot sauce. It’s too messy eating it “a la Nicaraguan” style while walking the street (no, they do not provide spoon or folk) so I had the plain chips bag. I had no expectation or actually, very low expectation like I had for the fried plantain, but au contraire, this yuca fritta tasted so much better than I thought because of the starch so the texture feel a little more dense. Wished I bought more than 1 bag of that yuca fritta, now that I think about it.

Have you ever had yuca fritta aka cassava chips before? What do you think of it?

Cost: 7 Cordobas/$0.29 USD


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