Granada, Nicaragua famous landmark: Merced church (La Merced iglesia)

Day 41, Central America trip, Dec 2012 – Feb 2013
Day 4, Granada, Nicaragua

Granada is a colonial city similar to Antigua, Guatemala yet on a smaller scale san cobble stone streets. One can stroll  leisurely to explore most of the town’s iconic landmarks in one day. I’ve taken photos of this landmark church on various days but here is the consolidated entry on this church.

Dome, top view from bell tower of La Merced church in Granada, Nicaragua


Close up view of the domeDSCN5556_copy

Partially aged patina facade of La Merced iglesia


La Merced church, originally built in 1534 is only a few blocks from Central Park of Granada (opposite direction of Nicaragua lake).

Front view of La Merced church


Back view of La Merced church bell tower


For a small entrance fee of 20 Cordobas/$1.00 USD, visitors can climb the tiny stairs case up to the bell tower for a splendid panoramic view of Granada.


I gladly paid the tower entrance fee of 20 Cordobas/$1.00 USD to climb up the bell tower for photography opportunity. DSCN5616

The spiral stair case is very tight yet tall (all the way up to the bell tower) so you must wait for the people who enter prior to you to finish the viewing and come down of the tower. It’s impossible to pass each other should you meet midway in the bell tower staircase.


View from alcove, midway the stair climbDSCN5572

Roof tops of GranadaDSCN5582


View of Granada’s cathedral through the bell tower’s archDSCN5588

Another view, another church in the far fore ground (Iglesia Xaltev)DSCN5584

Interior of La Merced churchDSCN5591

The La Merced Church
Located on the northeast corner of the intersection of two streets: the Calle Real and the Avenida 14 de September.

  • Bell tower entrance fee: 20 Cordobas/$1.00 USD

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