Street Food of Nicaragua: Fried rolled tacos, Granada style

Day 38, Central America trip, Dec 2012 – Feb 2013
Day 1, Granada, Nicaragua

We had a pretty exhaust 12 hours bus ride from El Salvador, and 2 borders crossing (El Salvador and Honduras) before we can get to Managua, Nicaragua. Then we had to take another bus for about an hour from Managua to Granada. After checking-in into the hotel and when we were ready for dinner, the darkness of the night have arrived. We walked toward the direction of the market and vendors were closing their stalls. The supermarket next to the market (mercado) sold only groceries. Upon returning, we spot this street-side tacos vendor and decided to be simple diners, for tonight.

My first dinner in Granada, Nicaragua. Just a normal taco, filled with beef and saute’ vegetable then fried.


After the tacos are done cooking in the hot oil, then it’s dressed up with sliced and pickled cabbage (a sauerkraut style) then drizzled with a ketchup sauce, hot sauce (optional), then top with cheese. If you have been following my blog, then you know that mine food is always “sin queso” or without cheese, with the exception of pizza.


If you are lactose intolerant like myself, always ask the vendor, to make sure that there’s no cheese, even hidden one, in the filling or your tummy will start rumbling. That’s no fun while traveling.

The same woman also sold BBQ with fried plantain chips. I was  ravenous but opt for the tacos instead (her helper only roll the tacos when a customer order it) because she was BBQ the meat on a rack that came off of a fan. I’m thinking out-loud that those spray pain on the fan rack is not food grade so I’m content with the taco for the night. 2 small tacos is not filling at all but just something for the first night until the morning.

I must say all the typico comidas (local food) that I’ve been sampling after my empanada in San Pedro are pale in comparison. I’m yet to find a runner up yet. Hopefully I will see some contenders in the next few weeks as I wrap up my Central America’s trip.

Cost: 12 Cordobas each roll of taco.
Total bill: 24 Cordobas/a little over $1.00 USD due to my low exchange rate at the border. A fair rate would have been 24 Cordobas to 1 USD


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