Postcards from the road: common means of transportation in Guatemala

Day 4, Central America trip, Dec 2012
Santiago village, lake Atitlan, Guatemala: Day 4

Mayan women in traditional custom with their “standing class” ticket in a pick up truckDSCN3933_copy

Tuk tuk

Tuk tuk - Copy

or chicken buses

DSCN3860 - Copy

Each to his own and checkbook….but they all get you from point A to point B in Guatemala

Have you rode in either the tuk tuk, the pick up truck with “standing class” ticket or the chicken bus while you were in Guatemala?



  1. hi chi. Van,

    Sooo goooddddddddd to hear that you enjoyed my details and picturesque photos. You know that I truly wished you were here but since that’s impossible at the moment, I tried my very best to made you part of my journey through my writing and photos.

    I am currently at lake Atitlan, about 5-6 hours driving from the capital of Guatemala. I am most likely spending Xmas here but still take day trips during the weekend to other nearby locales/attractions as I’ve already began my Spanish lesson here.


  2. Hi,
    Had viewed all the 3 blogs of your trip. Thank you for a very detailed & picturesque photos. =) Where are you at this point? Be safe, have fun & stay in touch.
    Chi Van =)


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