Cost of living in Antigua, Guatemala: What does $0.30 USD/2Q buy?

Day 2, Central America trip, Dec 2012
Antigua city, Guatemala Day 2

I loved walking around town for sight seeing and roam the new towns during my travel. I personally think it is the perfect way to see the local lead their lives at it best. It’s not zipping fast like traveling by car and you can make frequent stops should something look enticing.

My 2 Q kiwi filled croissant is the least expensive bread in the  display case.


I tend to indulge and open to sample food during my travel so walking should help balance out some of the guilty indulgence yet calories laden treats. I quickly spotted this quaint bakery next to the La Merced church, at the north end of 5th avenue where many local were stopping by to pick up a little bread or pastry to kick-start their morning.


I wasn’t hungry nor craving for sweet this early in the morning. However, I felt obliged to purchase a little something because I wanted to take up closed picture of the bakery’s pricing. Now, do you see what I have to go through to share honest, helpful information to you?

I choose this 2 Q croissant because even with my 2 years old equivalent Spanish level, I was intrigue at the signage that said something about kiwi.


I saved the kiwi filled croissant for later when I have my morning coffee as I kept thinking it would be very sweet, like American sugar shock, fall your teeth off type of sweet. Later on in the afternoon, when I had this fun looking croissant, I was surprised to find that it’s not sweet at all.


Here’s my thought after the consumption of this delightful piece of pastry and bakery. Although it looks and shaped like a mini croissant (Costco mini croissant in comparison), it does not taste like a croissant (which requires lots of butter to give it that soft and buttery texture).

I find the croissant is very similar to an American pie, shaped like a little crab or croissant. The dough is a little harder or with a crunchy texture. It is filled with kiwi, most likely sprinkle with just a tad bit of sugar or probably no sugar at all. Since the dough is crunchy, it can last all day without compromising the flavor of the pastry. So I would call this a croissant shaped tart instead.


  • Plenty of choices to choose from the display cases (from bread, baguette to European inspired pastry)
  • Very budget friendly, even in  Quetzales value.
  • Open early
  • Looks very clean and sanitized.


  • Wished it has a cafe or sell hot beverage to go with the bakery offering.
  • Can be a little walk away from the central plaza area, unless you’re going to visit La Merced church
  • No signage or name can be found. Just right across from the water fountain from the church

Total spent:  2 Q/$0.30 USD


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