The colorful streets of colonial town of Antigua, Guatemala

Day 2, Central America trip, Dec 2012
Antigua city, Guatemala Day 2

Antigua, or the proper name is La Antigua Guatemala aka the old Guatemala, Monument of the Americas, and City of Eternal Spring. This UNESCO World Heritage town is no longer the capital city of Guatemala but it’s by gone colonial charm is still captivating to the eyes of wanderer like myself. The town is now a popular tourist town and about an hour driving from the current capital city, Guatemala city, either by shuttle or taxi.


Being an early riser in Antigua had its advantage. I literally had the entire town of Antigua to myself where most backpackers are still deep in their sleep by partying hard the night before. The town is accessible via walking and each block that I walk, I can see remnants of buildings once erect the street of Antigua due to major earthquakes.

DSCN3800 - Copy

At 6 am in the morning, the air is chilly cold yet we have crystal clear blue sky.


For those of us with Vietnamese heritage, this felt like the Americano version of Hoi An, Đà Nẵng in Vetnam, except that is is bigger with a blend of Mayan culture and heavily influenced Catholicism due to its colonial history.

DSCN3817 - Copy

The cobblestone streets of Antigua also remind me of the time I lived in Eidhoven in the Netherlands. Once can’t drive a car or even scooter very fast on the cobblestone street because it is very bumpy. Talking about speed control, eh?

Colonial style houses


It was different at first but I came to love the cobblestone streets of Europe and would loved to have our American civil engineers embrace the concept. I think it enforce the “slow down” message and also better for the environment. DSCN3818

The town is made for walking so wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is a must.

Black cat hotel

I walked around so much that I literally finish at-least 1 litter of water for each of the days that I’ve stayed here.


Arches of a building at central park

Central plaza building_Parque Central de Antigua

Such vibrant colors and Spanish influenced architecture

DSCN3821 DSCN3820

Have you visited Antigua before? Was your Antigua different from my morning Antigua?



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