Splendid morning mountain view of Antigua from my hostel balcony

Day 2, Central America trip, Dec 2012
Antigua city, Guatemala Day 2

Early 6am view from my hostel’s balcony. Our dorm room is right there so the view is ours when we open the door in the morning.

View from hostel's balcony

Guatemala experienced many earthquakes where it left behind ruined buildings. Some were rebuilt and some will never be. This church’s façade – because only the front exterior stayed intact. What’s behind the façade is gone. Think of Universal studio guys, where everything only have the front with a faux inside space. This church have no inside but just a façade.

Volcanic mountains in the back drop.

Church remant facade
Society of Jesus

Guatemala still have a few “active” volcano and one can sign up for a tour to trek up and see it close and personal.

The convent of Compania de Jesus ~ Society of Jesus

The hostel I’m staying at is NO 5 ***** hotel but the view more than made up for it. Sometimes it’s about give and take and in this case, the view is well worth the price of a slight dis-comfortable stay.


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