Morning coffee? The Black Cat hostel breakfast menu

Day 2, Central America trip, Dec 2012
Antigua city, Guatemala Day 2

I woke up extremely early today (before 6am) and since the wi-fi didn’t reach all the way to our dorm room, I wanted to get out and explore the town on foot first. There were 3 other folks in the same dorm so I didn’t want to disturb my fellow packers. Since Antigua – Guatemala is a tourist town, most business open late, especially the bar scene. My walk around town in the early morning only capture the hurried morning workers that commute from outside of Antigua to work in town.

I wanted to grab a cup of Joe since it’s pretty chilly, even with a 100% Pashmina shawl on. The town is like a valley nestle in the center surrounding by  mountains on all sides so the temperature can drop pretty quickly.

Morning coffee_ 10 quetzal

Ah…cold breezy morning fresh air….everyone is still asleep in Antigua and I literally almost had all Antigua to myself (less onsie, twosie packers were leaving Antigua to catch their ride to the next destination or morning commuters from outside of town). After what seems like a very leisure, enjoyable morning walk (I was busy capturing the colors of Antigua and its colonial architecture through my lenses) that minutes has went by.

The black cat menu

I walked around town for over an hour and came back to the hostel around 7:30 am. The hostel door is still closed but I rang the bell anyway. I was getting a little hungry, and it’s getting warm. I’m ready to sit down and perhaps hop on line to be i touch with the world I left behind in the States.

The black cat menu 2

A fellow Pancha expat, a missionary named Joe (originally from Florida, aka papa Joe) came and asked to share the table in the court yard with me. We quickly introduced each other and he mentioned about the must have breakfast at the hostel and its coffee.

Joe was kind enough to hold his breakfast for me to capture and share it with you guys

Joe's breakfast

I now have another expat that knows lake Antitlan pretty well since I’m heading there pretty soon. Thanks to Joe, I picked up some more new tips.

Joe’s tips:

  • Be careful with street vendors, especially the ice-cream push cart (they may use unpasteurized milk and unfiltered water). No fun traveling if your stomach kept rumbling all the time.
  • Do not eat fruits straight unwashed when bought from the market. They are heavily sprayed with pesticide, even some that are ban in the USA.
  • Better to eat fruits that you can peel yourself.

Low and behold, I ended up ordering the omelet item from the menu, similar to Joe. I did double confirm it with Joe how to say without cheese in Spanish (no queso)

Mi omletta con no queso.


To my surprise, the omelet was really good, even without the cheese. I can still taste the crunchy texture of diced Roman tomatoes, chopped onion (very sweet) and avocado. I’m not a bean lover so I left it untouched and the bread and the home fries. I did, however ate that slice of pineapple and half of a strawberry. The water melon looks stale so I skip it to be on the safe side.

All in all, excellent value since the breakfast is included in the stay’s fee. Beverage = extra. No problem! My coffee was only 10 Quetzales so it’s not a bad start at all.


  • Plenty of choices to choose from the menu
  • Breakfast included in the stay’s fee
  • Can request to go sandwich if you’re checking out early.


  • Beverage: extra.
  • Coffee only came in typical American style (black coffee with milk and sugar). I wished they had a coffee bar on top of the full bar.
  • Hours are: 8-11 am. If you’re an early rise, tough luck.

Total Spent:

Breakfast: FREE (included in room’s fee)
Coffee: 10 Q/$1.52 USD



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