Siem Rep, Cambodia: The majestic Angkor Wat

Day 39, Vietnam/Cambodia trip, Jan – March 2011
Day 1 – Cambodia
I have hundreds of breath-taking views of Angkor Wat pix on our day 1 here in Cambodia. Unfortunately, mid day into our tour of Angkor Wat on day 1, I lost my camera. On a positive note, I only lost Cambodia Day 1 due to my transfer/backing up the photos during my travel on a daily basis. Gone are the amazing photos of my Day 1 Angkor Wat but not all are lost without cause. The pix here on are from a borrowed camera of my tour leader and fellow tour members. Enjoy!

Today, we have arrived in Siem Rep, the city that bear the ground of the holy temple and much publicized Angkor Wat of Cambodia through Angelina Jolie’s movie, Tomb Raider.

Bridge crossing over the moat to go into Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in the backdrop.

Any of the pictures here do not serve any justice to the mystic ambiance of the temple compound but sure does wet the appetite for those of us who can’t visit yet. Perhaps “someday” list?

Slow touring is recommended for visiting Angkor Wat. Walking the compound is like walking in a maze because you wouldn’t want to leave. One temple unfold after another.

Very majestic, grandeur and felt like opening a Pandora box. You never know what you will see in the next temple once you’re done admiring the previous one.

Look at the stair steps and the temple’s height. This is not even one of the tallest temple in the compound.

We only tour the main one here on day 1 and that was just a scratch on the surface

 If you look at the human figure in this picture, you can see the relevant size of this temple here.

You really have to be there in person to see what a beautiful sigh it is.

Angkor Wat is huge! It is a complex comprise of temples and temples.

Although aged in its facade and patina, one can’t help wonder how mesmerizing Angkor Wat must have been in its prime days?

Live Apsara dancer in fully deck out Cambodian costume

Apsara dancers sculpted onto the exterior wall of the temple

Do you notice that the dancer’s breast on the very left is more shiny than the rest? Myth have it that the Apsara dancer will fulfill your wish. The custom here is to rub onto the breast of the Apsara dancer(s) while making your wish.

Somehow I kinda wonder about the gender of the wishers. Are there more gender to the other that were making wishes, lol? This beats tossing a coin into a pond or water fountain, don’t you think?

Have you visited Angkor Wat, Cambodia? What did you like most about it? If you haven’t, is this worth add to your wander list?


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