USA Ole cowboys imported to Danang – Seventeen Saloon: night life

Day 22, Vietnam/Cambodia trip, Jan – March 2011
Day 20 – Đà Nẵng, Vietnam

Blue jeans, wood barn, cowboy hats, coyote dancing, hard-core whiskey.  If you’re thinking you’re in a bar in some wild-wild-west corner of the United States of America, then my friend, you’re so wrong. I’ve been assimilating myself with other Asian culture through watching movies and dramas and I can tell that the Thai are so hook on American’s cowboy culture. Every farm or ranch featured in a Thai movie had all Thai actors and actress decked out in ole American country attire….and cowboy sombrero too, to finish the look.


I guess the cowboy cultural fixation or phenomenon has finally made it to Vietnam, after-all. They do have 2 locations (Saigon and Da Nang). This can’t get any more symbolic of the American cultural icon and it does offer some comfort zone and familiarity if you’re home away from home or I’ve  been on the road for a while.

The saloon (bar) feature live music, sang in English (by a Filipino band). The drink is pretty pricey by Vietnamese standard as they don’t charge cover fee (but the live music is included in the drink). If my memory served me right, the drink is about $10 + USD. I believed there’s also bottle service. My cousin, Loc & his wife, Lam foot the bill for our group so I had no idea what was the actual tab.

Fire show, during recession

A customer lighting his cigarette from one of the dancer’s flaming bottle.


Seventeen Saloon Danang
Z 76 Tran Hung Dao Street
Danang, Vietnam

Aisa’s rating

  • Cleanest – dining area: 4/5
  • Presentation/set up: 4/5
  • Price: 3/5. Average for the food, in my opinion
  • Server’s attitude/customer service: 4/5
  • Although they have live music, there’s no room/dance floor.

Total spent: 0 (my cousin and his wife’s treat).

Saigon have many night life spots but Da Nang is on a little more quiet side. It is a nice change. I last heard there’s a new lounge by Ky Duyen, open up by the Han’s river. This is at-least 1 year after my trip so I had no benchmark or comparison.


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