Đà Nẵng, Tra Que Village (Farms)

Day 6,  SE Asia trip, Feb 2011
Đà Nẵng, Vietnam: day 4, part II

Tra Que Village (Farms) – an organic, vegetable growing community (village) with traditional farming methods nearby the Hoi An old town.

As with the local custom, after we woke up from our afternoon nap time, we decided to visit Hoi An old town for the afternoon by chartering a van (driver included) from the neighborhood. Leaving Đà Nẵng, the big city behind, we passed by scenic countryside views, with green and luscious rice paddy fields.

You’ll see a crane here and there and farmers are planting the rice crop on the field. Suddenly, the image seems familiar and vivid as I recall having seen this very similar image from my early childhood memory.

I loved taking a ride in the countryside, especially the fall season back home (the U.S.) where I would quietly sit in the passenger seat, and say nothing to my companion and delightfully enjoy the beautiful yet serene scenery.

This is the moment where I am myself the most, where I quietly absorb the beauty of nature that mother earth has graciously offered to us. Traveling doesn’t have to be dinning in a 5 * restaurant or staying at the most expensive resort. Sometimes, simplicity is at its best taken in by your naked eyes.

I do really love the peaceful, slow lane country life as seen here. Look at those lush green rice paddy, the slow moving buffalo and no machinery. I can’t help it but love it here so much better than Saigon, a huge metro city yet it felt like either a cement block or shoes box full of construction cranes and drilling.

Tra Que Farming Village

Tra Que Farming Village is well known in the central province for having grown delicious and aromatic vegetables and herbs, especially the Thai Basil herb, which is call Que^’ in Vietnamese, hence the partial resemblance of the village’s name. The village is not a co-op but rather made up of various farmers growing the famous assortment of herbs and vegetable.


If you’ve visited artisan village, then the concept is very similar here. It’s a very well known tourist spot nearby Hoi An old town. I would say, it’s only a few miles away from Hoi An and probally 10 minutes or so via motorbike.

Thai basil. Tiny but extremely aromatic Thai basil

If you enjoy the scenic countryside and biking as much as I do, I don’t think you would hesitate to hop on a rental bike and pedal away from Hoi An to visit this farming village.

Butter lettuce

I believed there are also tours operators in Hoi An offer tour package where you’ll get to play in the dirt with your hands by putting on your farmer’s hat and get to work with the local farmers directly.

As part of the tour, you’ll learn what’s it like in a farmer’s day? You’ll learn their tips and tricks that had been passed on from one generation to the next.

Without further ado, you’ll get to sample your work at the end of your farm touring session.

Life in the village, where villagers ride on mopped along the farms. Actually, right through the farm, lol. The farm is on a plot of land with the road in the middle.

We arrived to the farming village after hours so we didn’t get the chance to get refreshment nor participate in the “A day in a farmer’s life – Tra Que farming village)

After some quick Kodak moment, we got out of the village and quickly resume our route to Hoi An old town. Hoi An……………here I come!

Cam Ha Commune
Hoi An Town (Quang Nam)
3 km north-west of Da Nang
Cost:    Free (we went there after hour so there’s no attendance)

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