Street food of Vietnam: Delicious spicy Vietnamese Huế’s beef noodle soup – bún bò Huế

VN trip: Day 6 – Đà Nẵng, day 2,

The stable food from the continental of Asia is either rice, or made of rice based flour, the rice noodle. Just like its Western counter part – PASTA, the rice noodle comes in an assorted size, shape and texture. Each type of rice noodle serves a specific type of dish or taste it’s after. Unlike the direct English translation, which generalized as noodle but when spoken in the native language, the dish’s name would often imply the specific type of noodle called for.

Today is my 2nd day in Đà Nẵng city with my 5th aunt. In the West, breakfast typically served with protein (eggs, bacon, ham, sausage), some simple starch (bread, toast, etc…) add-on some fruits/vegetables and liquid (juice, caffeine, etc..) .

In the East, breakfast is often a one dish affair such as noodle of some sort, perhaps sticky rice or baguette stuffed with some protein and vegetable. More often, noodle soup is eaten unless you’re time crunch, then baguette is opted as a convenience due to it’s portable character.

Today, I am having a well known central Vietnam’s noodle soup: bún bò Huế. Vietnamese is a tonal language so even with the Romanization of their alphabets or written words, it is a must you make the effort to learn the correct tone. Other wise, you’ll be in quite trouble at times, due to the slight change in tone would sounds like something offensive to the local. As I document my trip, I will try my very best to phonetically pronounce the native language to English of the food or place. That way, should you ever find yourself in Vietnam, you may find it helpful.

A neighborhood bún bò Huế’s joint by my aunt’s house.

In this case, the name of the dish – bún bò Huế, my losely phonetic pronunciation Boon (rice noodle) paw (beef) Hwey (Huế, a place. Think Philadelphia cheese steak)

My bowl of bún bò Huế, $15,000 VND, roughly $0.75 USD

The rice noodle (large or extra-large size) is served in the beef based broth with topping of beef tendon, slices of well done beef, and sprinkle with sliced scallion. Often comes spicy (the red chili oil color). Specify the stall owner how spicy or you will be drinking lots of water to cool down that tender mouth.


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