My parents’ hometown: Đà Nẵng (Thanh Quýt – Điện Thăng’, Điện Ban`)

Day 3,  SE Asia trip, Feb 2011
Đà Nẵng, Vietnam: day 1
We arrived in Đà Nẵng’s airport around 7 pm ish. It looks dingy, misty and dark, the exact weather pattern of what I called home the past 20 ish years, San Jose. That made me missed home even more…..and YES, I missed home and my bed already. Dì Lê & koo Lộc (her oldest son) picked us up in their taxi cum person car -Toyota Highlander (I think). We headed straight to our village (Thanh Quýt – Điện Thăng’, Điện Ban`).

Our grandparents were waiting and soooo glad and ecstatic to see us. It’s been 27 years since the big clan and my maternal grandparents seen me. I’m the first grand-kid and with anything else, anything first always have a special place in your heart 😉 It’s currently much colder in Đà Nẵng, 20 or so Celcius degree which is super cold to Vietnamese (except the North) so everyone is bundling up in layers to keep warm.

My 87 year old maternal grandma in a royal purple, super light weight coat from mom. Her teeth are black due to the staining from eating trầu cau (beertel nuts). Yes, even the denture (now) had to be dye as black to match with her now gone natural teeth. The practice is considered a beauty, trend back in her time. Luckily I don’t have any kid. Otherwise, if I were to have and brought them, her teeth would probably think of Frankenstein or the like for US born ones.
My 92 year old maternal grandpa in an Italian hat, scarf and a sport coat from mom. He looks so much older now and less healthy since he just had an operation not too long ago. Plus, his denture doesn’t fit well so it sort of changed his facial structure.
For those that are close to me, I’m sure you know my opinion of true love/long lasting couple-hood. WELL, here I am, proven WRONG, and I do not say this very often. As I was taking the picture, I teased my grandpa that you need to be more romantic. He reach over and holds my grandma’s hand which I think really out of the norm for their era.

Note:I don’t even dare to wear short in the village – nhà quê naỳ so needless to say, I think my grandpa is so cool. Mr. B, are you happy now that I’m proven wrong on the conservative clothing/short thingee?

Mom put on grandma’s bà ba outfit so they can quickly catch-up as our things are still packed inside our suite cases. 

I told mom she needs to have this Kodak moment capture as my dad loves ao’ bà ba so the following pix are for your eyes daddy.
Today’s spent:

Earlier today in Saigon:    $24.55 USD 
Airfaire:                               $50.00 USD (SG-DAD: OW)

Total:                                  $74.55 USD


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