Saigon: Spa junkie ~ $7 USD full body massage

Day 1,  SE Asia trip, Feb 2011
Saigon, Vietnam: day 1, part I

By now, I’m exhausted from the dirt, noise and pollution so I told my cousin let’s go back to the day spa for a massage. There is one major different in VN vs. outside of VN is that merchant is NOT incline to show you or give you the tour of the service. I’m so used to having an inquiry mind, so I asked them can I see real quick how the setting is or how it’s done as services varies from one spa to another in the US, let alone in VN. They were just not willing to do it so I told my cousin I won’t get a massage but a manicure and pedicure instead. And since it’s a lot of competition, they will try to market it to you in some what forceful way.

I ended up getting a full body massage anyway because I needed it and see that it’s very similar every where so I reverse my mentality to: When in Rome, do like the Roman.

The massage bed look better before my service. Of course, I only remember to snap a pix after I was done with my service. It’s a neighborhood spa so no bells and whistle here but it got the job done – relief me from my achy body from the long flight from the US to Vietnam.

I think the service was around $150,000 VND, so around $7.50 USD for what seems like over an hour of full service. It’s not the best, but decent, for what I paid for comparing to the US so I’m not complaining. Got the mani/pedi, and paid for my cousin’s service too. So end up paying about $300,000 VND, included tips for both of us, I think. My cousin was so sweet, offered to share her portion but I said it’s OK. I considered it’s a treat as I didn’t have any gift for her.

By then, we rec’d a call from my aunt asking us to come home to get ready for dinner. We’re heading to SG’s centre to dine out, in celebration of our arrival cum her husband’s bday. So stay tune for SG’s by night activities.


  • Body massage for 2 (cousin & me + pedicure), $300,000 VND = $15.00 USD

Total spent:  $15.00 USD


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